Monday, April 26, 2010

Poached egg ... Yum!

I used to hate sunny side up eggs where the yolk would burst, I thought it was so gross. Somewhere along the way it became one of my favorite things (if you are reading this Christina, just stop before you vomit you non-egg lover!) ... Eggs benedict, sunny side up, egg sandwich, I love it!!

There was a section in my Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine that explained how to make poached eggs and although I wish I would have gone the extra mile to do some eggs benedict (or florentine), I didnt due to the fact that I was starving!

So the steps to a poached egg is pretty simple, mine cooked just a little too much, but it still had the right touch of runniness (dont know another word for a perfectly yolky egg). I toasted some bread, spread some cream cheese on that mug, a slice or two of tomato, the egg and some fresh cracked pepper ... SO GOOD!

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  1. OMG that looks so good. Why are we even going to Taco Rico when you can cook me up a FEAST!!