Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adventure at Sur La Table

Sur La Table is a store that sells kitchenware and they have some locations that provide gourmet cooking classes and I went to the one in L.A. by the Farmer's Market. It was so much fun!! The boyfriend got me two seats for Christmas so I could take someone else so I took my BFF, because she almost pee'd in her pants when I told her about it :-) Anyway, I had it in my head that each person was going to make everything on the menu and be able to take it home to share, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. It was fun anyway, the class was divided in groups and everyone got to participate in helping to make each item. The class was called Winter Bistro Classics with Le Creuset (oh and each person got to take home two baking dishes by Le Creuset, which apparently was Julia Child's favorite kitchenware brand). Here are pics of the dishes that the class made together. My favorite was the Roasted Potato and Fennel Gratin, it was creamy and cheesy deliciousness. The rest of the menu included Gamay-Braised Lamb Shanks with Nicoise Olives, Thyme and Fresh Chevre Tart, and for dessert Dark Chocolate and Cherry Clafoutis.

Chef Martin Gilligan

The Lamb (which looked great, but it was kinda gamey :-/ ) and plus I'm not
a big meat eater ...

The Roasted potato and fennel gratin (amazing!!)

This was a cucumber salad he added to the menu which was really delicious too!

Carrots and green apples cooked and roasted with brown sugar
(also added to menu and was delish!)

Thyme and Fresh Chevre Tart

Dark Chocolate and Cherry Clafoutis with Vanilla Bean whipped topping!!

Happy faces and full tummies!

If anyone wants the recipes to the items that were originally on the menu (plus the cucumber salad) I can scan them and email them to you just email me at


  1. Oh, wow, that looks yummy. My friend was just telling me about that place the other day! I'll be dropping you an email shortly :)