Monday, February 21, 2011

Dare to Bare!

This was inspired by Nicoletta, a UK blogger who is awesome! She posted a Dare to Bare Challenge a few weeks ago and I give her props for showing her 'bare' face.

This is me fresh out of the shower ready for bed! Personally, I love that right before I go to sleep I have a fresh clean face. It feels great!

For work I know I have to look presentable in case I have to go to a meeting and what not. And I love to wear fun colors when I go out, but when my face is 'naked' it feels good, like I don't have a care in the world :-) So this is me "Naked"


  1. wow you look beautiful without makeup. thanks for doing this challenge hun xx

  2. You are so gorgeous without makeup! I am definitely jealous. Great post :)


  3. You are so cute, wearing makeup or being "naked" :) I found your blog through sugarpill's facebook page and I am glad I did. Now you have one more follower. :)

    I have a beauty blog too, I do mainly product reviews because I am too lazy to wear makeup every day. You can find it here: