Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cuticle Care

I'm sure a lot of you beauty gurus already take care of your nails and cuticles a certain way, but I just wanted to recommend this awesome cuticle care product called California Mango Mend.

My friend brought it to work one day and let me try some. It's a little greasy, but you only need a tiny bit. It really helps with dryness. You can also use it for dry hands overall and for cracked heels. I put some on my feet at night after I shower and cover them up with socks. Of course my feet always get hot at night and I end up taking off my socks, but at least for an hour they can hydrate with this stuff. It's under $10 bucks and it lasts forever! I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply, not sure if they sell it anywhere else. However, I'm pretty sure they sell a travel size, so you can buy the smaller version if you want to test it out first :-) Hope some of you give it a try!


  1. i am for sure going to buy this. minnesota winters make for super dry hands and feet. thanks for the tip!

  2. no problem, hope you like it!