Thursday, March 17, 2011

I want to go back!!!

Last year I got to go to Ireland, and I really want to go back ... Not just because I love Irish accents :-) For some reason when I think of going on vacation I really don't think of Hawaii and such. I want to go to places like Scotland, England, and Ireland (of course). I really think I must have been British or something in a past life ...

Anyway, I loved the food, the places, and the people are generally nice. Sure it was extra chilly even though the sun was out for most of the week that I was there, but I love chilly weather where I can wear boots and coats. So, I just wanted to share some pics of my trip last year :-)

The Guinness Factory. Not a fan of Guinness but I do love Harp and Smithwicks!

The Clarence Hotel that is owned by Bono and The Edge from U2 (My favorite Irishmen).
One day I'll stay here!

Guinness Factory in Dublin. And also a dorky pic of me and bro-in-law.
Cliffs of Moher. They filmed a scene here from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

A poppin' spot for drinkin' and havin' fun ;-)
St. Patricks Road!


  1. Me too, me too! I wanna go sooo bad. I love the pics you shared. Of course the Clarence is on our list too - even if just for one night. Hope you get to go on all your dream travels real soon. :)

  2. I have always wanted to go to Ireland! Thanks for sharing this. The Cliffs of Moher looks absolutely stunning! Happy St. Patricks Day!

  3. You should definitely put it on your bucket list! So much fun! ...

  4. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. Def a lot different from the usual tropical destinations.

  5. I'm half Irish and I have yet to see Ireland. One of these of these days! Thanks for sharing the photos. :)