Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MakeUp Show L.A. - Product Haul

I was so excited to go to the MakeUp show because I had never been. I knew it was going to be smaller than IMATS which was good because I figured it wouldn't be insanely crowded, but at the same time there aren't as many booths, but nonetheless I still had fun! I went with my fellow makeup addict Makeup Monster (check out her blog, she has some good reviews :-)

I promised myself I wouldn't go on a crazy shopping spree as I'm trying to be frugal this year and not spend so much money on makeup. So this is what I got (swatches and reviews coming soon!):

1 Inglot 10 palette
4 Inglot lipsticks (Two fell out in the trunk and Makeup Monster has them ;-)
1 Inglot Highlight compact
1 Inglot pigment

2 Stila Tinted moisturizers (which I love by the way)
1 Stila Kajal liner in topaz
1 Stila #33 brush

4 Crown Brushes

1 Model in a Bottle Brow sealer (which so far has tamed my crazy grandpa brows! LOVE IT)
1 Model in a Bottle Lipstick sealer (haven't tried it yet but I will soon)

Close up of the Inglot shadows, which are SUPER pigmented


  1. Wow!!! I love it all!! Your so lucky...I wish we had exciting stuff like that here where i live..=(

  2. I wanted to go to this so bad after you mentioned it to me and I completely forgot about it!! :(( Guess i'll have to make sure I hit up IMATS :) Love the products you picked out! I've heard great things about Inglot. That palette is gorgeous!! I cannot wait for your swatches and reviews on these!


  3. @Pris awww hopefully they branch out soon to other states, or just save up to come to these events and plan a mini vacation! :-)

    @Ashley Yes IMATS is a must if you've never been before, Inglot will be there this year!

  4. great products! the show was a bit overwhelming. I wanted to get everything!

  5. Same here! I had to limit myself :-/