Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Just joined bloglovin' ... Not sure I know what I'm doing :-/

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This stuff really works. I've sprayed it on before going out and I come back and my eyeshadow and blush are still on! (Click here for a description from Sephora) My lipstick usually wears off but thats usually from eating tacos after a night of drinkin' ;-) I have been using it for work lately, and when I get home my makeup still looks fresh. Usually, I feel like my makeup wears off at the end of the work day, but then again I usually do not bother to touch up during the day :-/ Anyway, it is a bit pricey though, around 32 bucks or so with tax.

After this one runs out I plan on trying the Model in a Bottle setting spray. It's 18 bucks, but its 2 oz smaller than the Urban Decay spray. So far I love the Model in a Bottle eyebrow sealer and lipstick sealer, so I'm sure the setting spray works great too. For the time being, you all should give this a try. UD also has a setting spray for oily skin, and one that gives your skin a dewy look. You can find them on Sephora and the UD website of course :-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Wishes aka Chef John ...

I haven't had the time to try new recipes or make some home cooked meals because of school and homework, so I thought I'd share a link to one of my favorite food blogs. His blog is called Food Wishes, click here to check it out. Seriously, this man is awesome! He makes some good stuff, some simple and some not so much, but he has a ton of recipes to try! One of my favorite simple ones is called an Inside Out Grilled Cheese sandwich (see pic above). Thats right, cheese on the inside and cheese on the outside! I've tried it and I pretty much fell in love with it ;-)

Seriously, you have to try it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moroccan Oil ...

I'm probably late on the bandwagon for this product, but my sister gave me this cool gift bag of Moroccan Oil products that she got at an event she attended. I LOVE this stuff! It smells so good, and it helps with frizzy or fly away static-y hair. I haven't tried the oil treatment or shampoo and conditioner, because the bag came with those as well, but I am definitely going to use them! So far I really like this styling cream. My hair is really straight and fine so this stuff adds extra shine. I just put a little dollop in my hand and smooth it out throughout my hair. This product is a bit pricey, but it looks like some websites like Amazon offer some decent deals.

Sorry bad picture quality, this was taken with my phone :-/

Here's a better picture of a different day that I used this stuff.
It may not work for everyone as is the case with a lot of products, but personally I love it!

Hope some of you can give it a try, thanks for stopping by! :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New favorite Eyeliner!

So when I did some drugstore makeup shopping for the event I volunteered for I actually came across some products that are now some of my favorite! One of my new favorite products is 'Loreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner'. I was watching a youtube guru's (MakeupbyTiffanyD) video and she recommended this eyeliner so I made sure to look for it!

Turns out I love it more than MAC's Penultimate eyeliner in Black. I mean Penultimate is a good eyeliner, but I feel like the tip dries out fast and then it loses its sturdiness (is that a word?) over time. To be honest I've only had this Loreal one a few weeks, so I have yet to see if it dries out fast or not. I have a feeling its going to last me a while (or at least I hope so!) Hope you guys get a chance to try it! :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LA's Prom Closet/Beauty on a Budget!

This past weekend my BFF and I volunteered for an organization called LA's Prom Closet. This organization helps underprivileged girls with everything they need for prom. They get a dress, shoes, accessories and get to attend workshops throughout the day. My friend and I were fortunate to participate in this event and hopefully provide some useful tips to these girls for their prom day. Our workshop was called 'Prom Beauty on a Budget'. We gathered all the drugstore make we had and even got a few extra things we didn't have. We wanted to show these girls that you do not need to use expensive department store brands to look good :-) Some of the brands we used were E.L.F., Rimmel, Milani, Maybelline, Loreal, NYX, Wet n' Wild, and AVON.

We had some eyeshadow application diagrams and a list of simple steps. We got to demonstrate on a few of the girls but we couldn't take pictures because the media was also there and not all the girls had permission from their parents to get photographed.

Oh well, Here are some pictures of our workshop table:

Me and my BFF Dee

This is what I used on my face: Maybelline FIT me! Foundation #310,
Rimmel Smokey Noir palette #001,
Rimmel Lipstick in Dreamy #140 and lipliner In Tiramisu #050,
and a NYX blush in Terra Cotta

I was already a fan of NYX, but all these other brands are great too! The Rimmel palette only had one color that was useless (the lightest color). I loved the lipstick and lipliner! And now I'm a fan of Maybelline foundation. It has a good amount of coverage and doesn't feel heavy. So it was a win-win day. I got to help others and try new products that will now be on my favorites list :-)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Aji ... pronounced 'Ah-He' :-)

I LOVE THIS STUFF!! It has a perfect amount of heat from the jalapeno and habanero that I added, and the lemon juice with tomato and cilantro give it a fresh taste .... Sounds like I watch the Food Network too much, LOL

Anyway, this 'Aji' is generally considered a South American type of salsa I guess. Peruvians have another type of Aji thats made with tomatillos and avocado I think, and its also spicy and delicious!! ..

My boyfriend is Colombian and his aunt makes this soup called "Sancocho", and I love it! (I hope to learn how to make it someday) ... You make this on the side and each person adds however much they want to their bowl of soup. And it makes the soup so much better, and really helps clear up your sinus' if your congested ;-) If you're not a spicy food person I wouldn't recommend it but if you are, you must try. I usually make it when its cold outside and I'm craving a hot soup. I usually make a veggie soup because its fast and easy, but its mostly good for broth type soups.

Here are the ingredients for about 1 1/2 cups:

3 Roma tomatoes (you can use any kind though, thats just what I had on hand)
Half of one bunch of cilantro
3 green onions (green and white part)
Juice of one lemon and one lime
One medium jalapeno
One Habanero chile
Salt to taste

Just mix it all together! You can bring down spicy-ness with more tomato :-) Enjoy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stila Smudge Pots

I love me some Stila smudge pots! I've gotten these over the years and I've always gotten them on sale, because regular price is about 18 bucks for the regular size, not that bad considering the size, but I just happen to wait until they are on sale :-) The mini ones I purchased as a set during Christmas. They last forever! I like the black Stila smudge pot a lot more than MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack, it's a lot creamier and glides on nice and smooth.

The blue and purple ones I have are pretty much the same as the Barbie collection Stila had, but I think the purple one I have has more glitter bits ... Anyway, here they are:

Left to right: Bronze, Black, Gray

Left to Right: Pomegranate, Cobalt, Ultraviolet

They are really fun to wear (the bright colors) when you don't feel like doing eyeshadow and just want a pop of color on your eye. Hope you guys give them a try!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Foodie Friday - Starring Feta Cheese!

I had the best feta cheese sandwich from a Cuban bakery called Portos. It's really popular in So. Cal. They are famous for their pastries and cakes, which are always delicious! I never used to like Feta cheese, I used to think it smelled like feet :-/ LOL ... but now I love it!

So the sandwich consisted of feta cheese, fresh basil, vine ripened tomatoes, olive oil, Italian dressing, and red onions, on a baguette (YUM!). I think it would be pretty simple to recreate at home, but I have yet to try it ... Hope some of you try it!