Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Purple Rain, Purple Rain!

So I'm officially done with the semester and am now getting prepared for the graduation ceremony. So many things to do! Look for a dress, shoes, clean my house for my mom's visit, etc. Can't wait! This past weekend I was finally able to have a bit of fun, and I went to go see Prince in concert! He didn't play all the songs I wanted, but he did play some good hits, and overall he puts on a great show!! Even Sheila E came out and performed her hit 'Glamorous' ... it was great!

I didn't do much with my eye makeup, but I did want to do a bold lip. Here's a general description of what I used:

Eyes: MAC Amber Lights (wash over my eyelids)

Cheeks: Benefit Hollywood Glo (Rediscovered this in my stash, and I love it! pic doesn't really do it justice :-/ )

Lips: NYX Lip liner in Purple Rain (I had to use it! ha!)
MAC lipstick in Violetta
MAC Venomous Villians Lipgloss in Sweet Revenge (Maleficent)

I plan to do some looks based on some Prince songs, can't wait (I know I'm lame) ... Raspberry Beret, Computer Blue, Little Red Corvette ... coming soon! :-D

P.S. My friend's makeup looked great as well, she's also a makeup hoarder! I don't know the specifics of her eye makeup but she did use MAC lipstick in Morange, and some teal color as her bottom liner ...

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. congrats on finishing your semester. Love that u went for the purple rain lip theme for seeing prince, thats the kind of thing I would do hah x

  2. Morange looks great! You also did a fabulous job with your makeup love it!

  3. Congrats on finishing your semester hn,U &ur friend lok ur lip colours=gorgeous

  4. Purple Rain is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous on your lips!!! It's making me want to get the lipstick now!! ^_^

  5. aww, your makeup looks sooo pretty! Gorgeous girls!

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  6. I love your eye make up!! :) You look gorgeous

    <3 Belly B

  7. Congrats :) Love this pic so pretty :) XOXO

  8. you both look beautiful!! I just came across your blog super cute love it :)