Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wine Tasting Day in Temecula

I don't remember when I started drinking wine, but I know I initially didn't like it (maybe because it was $5 dollar wine from Ralphs).  Then I grew up and started buying good wine and now I love it!!  I'm no wine connoisseur or expert, but maybe one day I will be and I'll retire and work in a wine tasting room :-)

Anyway, this past weekend I had a nice wine tasting day with my good friends at Danza del Sol Winery in Temecula, CA.  It's a small winery, but I haven't taken advantage of my wine club membership, so I finally decided to make a mini trip out there this past weekend.  With 6 tastings you get a nice little buzz going so be careful!  I honestly didn't memorize what wines I had, but I'm always a fan of their white wines especially their Orange Muscat!  Definitely a winery worth checking out :-)

After our little tasting we made our way over to Leoness Cellars which is a winery down the road, and had some yummy lunch.  We had the Artisan Cheese Board, Smoked Salmon and Artichoke Pizza, and the amazing truffle fries with a side of cajun mayo.  If you're ever in Temecula, CA I highly recommend this place for lunch.  The first time I was here I tried the 'Mac n' Cheese for Grown Ups', and that's all I need to say, who doesn't love mac n' cheese?? (just try it!)

Last but not least, is a pic of my friends and I on the bottom right hand corner.  And if you're wondering, I got my maxi dress from a friend who is in the process of starting her online boutique (I'm the one with the chevron pattern).  She currently provides at home shopping parties in the Southern California area, and runs the shop via Instagram (@shopZtique, Follow her!), but soon she'll be launching her shop online.

Thats my blurb for this week! Thanks for stopping by!